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Urgent actions and omissions that we can no longer tolerate

World hunger, one of humanitys ills that we still havent managed to overcome, affects about 9.8% of the global population. According to data from the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022 UN report, more than 828 million people were affected by food insecurity.

And one of the actions that we can adopt in the fight against hunger, at an industrial level, but also in everyday life, is to drastically reduce food waste, in addition to public policies that allow access to quality food by the most needy sectors of the population.

Food waste in Brazil and the world

Estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations indicate that about a third of the worlds food production is wasted, something around 1.3 billion tons of food per year.

In Brazil alone, there is a waste of 27 million tons of food per year. According to Embrapa data and analyzes by the NGO Banco de Alimentos, this entire volume of food thrown away in the production chain is divided into the following sectors:

  • 10% in the field
  • 50% on handling and shipping
  • 30% in supply centers
  • 10% in supermarkets and among consumers
Food industry players, as well as consumers at the end of the chain, must take action against food waste. Check out some of these actions:

Good raw material management
Good management of raw materials in production is one of the ways to reduce waste, through the quality of the materials used and the natural resources they require.

Quality of equipment, reducing variation in dosage
The variation in packaging dosage, which impacts the companys cash, depends on the quality and precision of the equipment used. Invest in what is most modern in the filling and packaging industry.

Invest in fractional packaging
A good alternative to encourage consumer savings is fractional packaging, which offers the right measurements for product use.

Increase the frequency of visits to the supermarket
Consumers, to avoid waste at home, can shop more often, in smaller quantities. In this way, we avoid stockpiling food, which may pass its expiration date and be discarded without use.

The fight against hunger, with actions to give the population greater access to quality food and reduce waste in the industry, needs the attitude of all of us, on several fronts. From good practices in the food industry, to consumer awareness, in their daily routine.

Profills is committed to this cause and continuously develops machines that produce smarter packaging and the right size for consumption, without variation in dosage. Get to know the line of Profills Filling Machines and discover new ways to reduce waste on the production line!
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