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and reduce costs through machines

Quality, Higher Production, Cost Reduction, Profitability, Workplace Safety and Expansion. These attributes are the north of most entrepreneurs who want the prosperity of their business.

Prosperity means having quantity without losing quality. And for that, nothing better than automating production and continuing to grow!

Should I really invest in automation?

Yes! Automation is the first step towards greater production and cost reduction.

Craft production tends to be very limited and, therefore, companies know the need for good machinery to do the heavy lifting.
Automating is a major evolution in the production process, with an immediate positive effect and generating better revenue, with unrivaled efficiency.

We separate some reasons why you should stick to automation.
Are they:

1. Product quality
Attention to standards and the customer

Quality is one of the main characteristics of competitiveness. Entrepreneurs who do not value quality are doomed to failure, especially with an increasingly demanding customer.

Handcrafted production retains its good characteristics; however, when one seeks to increase production, the tendency is for such virtues to be lost. Machines have the power to standardize production and do more in less time.

In the case of food, the situation is even more delicate. With the surveillance agencies in constant inspection, the products and their packaging need to be in compliance with the norms and preserve uniformity and quality.

Furthermore, quality is a guarantee to preserve your brand. And you need to take good care of it to stay in business.

2. Higher production
Think big

Machines, unlike humans, allow for fast, uninterrupted production. This results in greater scale and revenue. What would take you hours to produce manually, automation can solve in minutes. The equipment transforms repetitive manual work into automatic and qualified work.

3. Cost Reduction
The machine produces and we supervise

Considering the automatic work performed by machines, the consequence is the reduction of people in production. They can be leveraged in other important functions such as sales and supervision. This is an industry trend that we have observed since the industrial revolution: manual and repetitive functions being replaced by automatic equipment and other new functions created. Thus, we move towards development.

It is worth remembering that the slightest personal contact with the product, in addition to savings, raises the quality standard, as we saw in the first topic.

+ product
- work

Whether to expand or just to make your work easier, the cost-benefit of automation always remains very good.

Do not believe? Do the math yourself: a Profills Filling Machine, for example, fills, on average, from 600 to 2,000 units/hour. How long would it take to pack this same number of products manually? And how much would you spend for that? Well then. This cost reduction brings us to the next item: profitability.

4. Profitability
Higher productivity in less time + cost reduction = higher revenue

With greater production, due to automation, combined with cost reduction, there is a consequent profitability. The increase in billing offsets the investment in machines and has a beneficial impact on the companys cash flow.

5. Safety at work
Welfare of employees

Automation has the advantage of replacing workers in mechanical, exhausting or dangerous production processes. It is a way of investing in the quality of life of employees by taking them out of heavy work and putting them in functions that do not require physical exertion. And, as a rule, the well-being of the employee and his personal satisfaction increases his individual productivity.

6. Expansion
Look to the future

With all these great effects of automation, you, the entrepreneur, can think about expanding your business. The initial cost of equipment is a profitable investment that pays for itself in a short time. The duration of your company is directly linked to how much you intend to invest in it.

Think about your customers satisfaction, automate your production and increase your sales!
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