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We all know about the importance of frequent water consumption and how much our body needs. Not just when thirst strikes, but as a habit to cultivate.

What is the ideal amount?

The amount considered ideal is 35 ml of water per kilogram of weight. This amount is different from person to person, and varies from 1.5 liters (for someone weighing 45 kg) to 3 liters (for someone weighing 80 kg), approximately.

These volumes of water change not only according to the body mass of each one, but with the conditions of the kidneys, the environment and the concentration of fluids that we lose through sweat.

Characteristic signs of dehydration

The effects of dehydration can vary according to the circumstances, whether we are resting or doing physical activity. In this case, attention must be redoubled.

In one or another situation, when we dont drink the adequate amount of water, we can suffer symptoms such as tiredness, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, sagging skin, dark colored urine, tachycardia, vomiting and pressure drop.

In the most severe cases, altered mental status and loss of consciousness may occur. Its worth remembering that in dehydration, along with water, we also lose mineral salts and important nutrients.

Fatigue, for example, is caused by the reduction of energy spent by the cells in their functioning, precisely because of the lack of necessary water.

Kidneys, organs that act as blood filters, often have problems due to lack of water, a situation in which the famous kidney stones can occur.

The signs of dehydration look pretty scary, dont they? Fortunately, the habits we need to have to avoid dehydration are very easy to remember. Look!

Tips for staying hydrated
  • 1. Drink a lot of water!
Give preference to natural mineral waters. You can also vary using the other drinks.
  • 2. Physical exercises demand more water consumption
In circumstances of greater physical exertion, we need much more intense hydration, not only at the time of exercise, but before and after, replacing the necessary liquid.
  • 3. Warmer weather
Throughout the day, our organism loses water and often we dont even realize it. In warmer environments and climates, this loss is much greater, so drink water every hour at least.
  • 4. Increased hydration in the cold
In a colder environment, water evaporates more easily from the lungs. So drink more water on colder days too.
  • 5. Excessively humid air
Considering that water evaporates according to the relative humidity of the air, when this humidity is very high and the air is saturated, sweat evaporation decreases. The difficulty in evaporating sweat can cause an increase in body temperature, thus putting your health at risk. The consumption of liquids in this situation contributes to our temperature returning to normal.
  • 6. On air travel
Contrary to the previous topic, in airplanes the relative humidity of the air is generally much lower. This low humidity does not represent a considerable risk to the organism, however, it can cause irritation in the eyes and mouth, for example. Increased water intake during travel reduces the effects of dehydration on the body.
  • 7. Beware of diuretic drinks
Drinks such as coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages contribute to the elimination of water by the body. In this case, it is interesting that we drink more water together with the intake of diuretic drinks.

The facilities that practical packaging offers us

The tips we listed above are even better when we have products and packaging that facilitate good habits in everyday life. Want something better than a cold, well-stored drink to quench your thirst?

These are aspects that go beyond the consumers perspective. They demand, more than that, the attention of the entrepreneur. After all, everyone enjoys the benefits of good packaging.

How about your product offering these hydration benefits in a practical and innovative packaging?!

Pouch packaging and innovation in liquid supply

Beverage packaging has, in recent years, shown a leap in quality and new functions that have brought several facilities: the storage of products, their communication with the customer, transportation, the costs involved in production and, above all, the practicality that the consumer enjoys. .

Speaking of packaging innovation, we have the Stand-up Pouch packaging as one of the main ones that grows the most in retail. It is not by chance that the business sector realized the packaging solution that the Stand-up Pouch represents, both for those who produce and for those who consume.

Advantages for the consumer
  • Less volume and weight in handling;
  • Includes nozzles that facilitate use;
  • Takes up less space to store;
  • By using less raw material, it produces less waste after consumption;
  • The practical solutions that Pouch offers build customer loyalty.
Advantages for those who produce
  • Economy of raw materials and energy;
  • Featured on retail shelves;
  • Keeps the product well maintained;
  • Greater variety of customization;
  • Contributes to the credibility of the brand, suggesting security and trust.
Well, the consumption experience that the Stand-up Pouch provides to the consumer may very well be part of their healthy habits. And since weve already talked about the importance of keeping the body hydrated by ingesting lots of water and liquids, theres nothing better than combining the benefits of water with the benefits of innovation.

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