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Food quality control and food safety

For us, as consumers, it may seem very simple to produce any food. It turns out that, to reach excellence, there was a great work carried out by the Food Quality Control.

Entrepreneurs in the food industry are well aware of the number of requirements that need to be met in order to produce food and beverages in Brazil.

Companies that work with food and beverages - obligatorily - must follow some control standards that make it possible to reach the required quality. And this is not a recent concern. The attention to the standardization of food and beverages that we received from industry for consumption began after the First World War, when the production of quality food became a necessity; more than that, a war strategy at that historic moment. Depending on the circumstances, countries realized that they could weaken their opponents by cutting off the supply of quality food and drink. In this way, it was perceived the need to establish rules that would protect the nutritional properties of their own produced groceries as much as possible. Since then, procedures have been improved with various public policies in the sense of offering better and better food.

Food safety x food safety: two essential concepts

Food security is a set of public policies implemented to promote universal access to nutritional quality food. These policies aim to raise the standard of food consumed and encourage the mapping of the worlds population access to adequate food, according to studies led by the United Nations - UN.

Food safety, on the other hand, is the control of food carried out by the company that produces it, obtained by internal quality management policies that meet market requirements and are in accordance with current regulations. We have already seen in the previous article that quality is increasingly synonymous with competitiveness. Having a good food quality management policy is essential for the entrepreneur and very good for the consumer.

Starting a qualified production

The concern with Food Quality Control must exist since the beginning of the company. It is important to remember that good quality practices guarantee standardization and food free of chemical, physical and biological agents.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the greatest threat to an adequate sanitary standard is precisely the manual process, which is the stage with the highest risk of contamination. This problem can be eliminated with good industrial automation equipment, which, in addition to increasing quality, also reduces costs, waste and stimulates revenue.

The main criterion to be adopted by the entrepreneur who plans to increase his production safely is to be aware of the Good Manufacturing Practices. Good Practices are official measures adopted by the food industry that seek optimal sanitary quality. They are a set of regulatory norms for the industry, available on Anvisas portal - Health Surveillance Agency, which provide security to the consumer and a high technical level for the company.

Learn about some actions related to Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP:
  • Cleaning of facilities;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Qualified raw material;
  • Suitable machinery;
  • Products protected from contamination.
To raise your companys level, the first step is to look at the production process as a whole, from food handling (if any) to conservation, adopting quality packaging in automated processes that eliminate risks to the product.

The good practices adopted contribute to the safety of its product, bringing recognition to the brand, credibility and quality. All these points are fundamental for the entrepreneur who seeks to expand his business.

Therefore, if you want to gain customers and keep them loyal, implement good manufacturing practices and food quality control right now. Customers appreciate it and so does your billing.

In the next article, well give you suggestions to raise the quality of your product. Follow our blog!

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