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And its role in job security in the industry

The routine in the industry, when competitive and prepared for the production of high quality items, is based on the best means of production and practices. In addition, its work is guided by respect for legislation and specific rules for the sector.

Lets learn a little more about Regulatory Standards and their important role for work safety in the industry.

Importance of Regulatory Standards for the industry

Following rules and well-known good industry practices are the main way to avoid accidents. And this rigor demonstrates the companys appreciation of the soundness of its processes, safe from start to finish, from manufacturing to food safety for the consumer.

The high rates of accidents at work in Brazil indicate that there is much to be done. In addition to the risk to the physical integrity of employees, these accidents tarnish the brands reputation and challenge production processes.

See some benefits and effects of following the Regulatory Standards:
  • Increases the perception of product quality, as well as its added value
  • Demonstrates the care of the brand with the quality of its products
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and liability
  • Improves manufacturing processes, reducing costs and delivering greater efficiency
  • Increases equipment lifespan
Below, learn a little more about the main Standards that guide safer work in the Brazilian industry.

Regulatory Standard 10 - NR 10

Regulatory Standard 10 deals with the work aspects of professionals in electrical installations. This is a standard that is based on international standards to define minimum requirements for electricity services in an industrial environment.

The implementation of the guidelines present in NR 10 aims to mitigate the risks inherent in electrical work. The standard addresses the different stages of work in the industry, from design to installation of networks and equipment, operation and maintenance.

According to the Statistical Yearbook of Electrical Accidents 2021, from the Brazilian Association for Awareness of the Dangers of Electricity (Abracopel), 691 fatal accidents due to electric shock were recorded.

These are accidents that could have been avoided if the rules of the legislation were observed and the certificates that prove the companys commitment to the best practices were present.

Regulatory Standard 12 - NR 12

NR 12 brings the rules regarding Safety at Work in Machinery and Equipment.

In addition to Regulatory Standard 10, NR 12 deals with the minimum safety requirements necessary for the use or handling of equipment. Steps such as transportation, installation, operation and maintenance.

According to its text, the Standard aims to “protect the health and physical integrity of workers and establishes minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases in the design and use phases of machinery and equipment, as well as their manufacture, import, commercialization, exhibition and assignment in any capacity”.

We at Profills take pride in cultivating the best production and safety practices. Following the Regulatory Norms and legislation aimed at the industry, Profills produces Machines with the quality that the market demands. They are machines with the entire safety structure for use, thus avoiding accidents at work and risks in the work process.

Get to know our Machines and prepare your production line with the confidence and credibility of Profills do Brasil!
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