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Learn about the advantages that fractional packaging offers to consumers and entrepreneurs

Fractionation of products is gaining more and more followers in markets around the world, for several reasons. We call these packages “fractional”, “individual” or “single-dose”.

They are more compact packages, with cost reduction for the entrepreneur and much more practical for the consumer. They make the product more accessible, with a very advantageous cost-benefit ratio for both parties.

Advantages of fractional packaging

Fractional packaging is versatile in use by the industry, encompassing a wide range of sectors that can use it. They can be used in the food industry, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and, above all, they are a great advantage for the entrepreneur who seeks and depends on prominence.

Learn about some benefits for the most diverse sectors of the industry:
  • Facilitated transport, both for the consumer and on the production line.
  • Optimized doses, just right for consumer use.
  • Free samples and trial doses as a way of promoting the product, increasing the reach of the brand.
  • Reduced prices due to smaller doses, improving the cost-effectiveness for the entrepreneur - who adds value to the product - and for the consumer - who now has more access to the product.
  • It avoids wasting the contents of the package and its contact with the environment.
  • Easier recycling, inserting the product into a circular economy policy.
  • Greater added value for the brand, as it offers products with the most innovative solutions on the market.
Individual packages are a good option for entrepreneurs looking for innovations and concerned with the trends that differentiate them from the competition.

Move forward with your brand. Offer market innovations!

All the most recent development of fractional packaging goes beyond the practicality it presents. Its integrity and durability are details that keep the properties of the food intact, that is, they are smaller packages with great qualities.

While in Brazil the use of this type of fractional packaging is on the way to increasing consumption, in other countries with a developed economy its use is already much more common.

Increasingly, consumers are understanding that large packaging generates product waste and that fractional consumption is better, both for the consumer and for the environment.

Adopt fractional packaging yourself too. The consumer, companies and the environment thank you.
+55 41 99785-1998
+55 41 99785-1998
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