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The sachets are the perfect combination of efficiency and economy in a single package. In recent years, the industry has increasingly invested in sachets for liquids and pastes in supermarkets, offering convenience to consumers and gaining customer loyalty.

The advantages of sachets are many, including savings in relation to larger packages, practicality in the consumers routine, possibility of using refills and free samples, more hygienic packaging, among other advantages.

Advantages for those who produce

Sachets are advantageous for businessmen from a financial point of view, considering that they are cheaper than traditional glass or plastic packaging. Customization is also an advantage, as the large flat area of ​​the sachets allows you to customize the product and highlight it on the shelves.

The practicality of the sachet compared to traditional packaging is also evident when it comes to storage and transportation, as the sachets require less space.

The consumer benefits

Another great differential of sachets is hygiene. The sachets can be presented in the single-dose version, which avoids waste and does not leave residues for disposal in the environment. In addition, the ideal amount of product in each package leads the consumer to use only the necessary amount, encouraging conscious consumption.

Greater customization

Sachet packages have several aspects that make them highly attractive at the time of purchase. With a large area available for customization, it is possible to effectively convey the personality of the brand in each package, while standing out on the shelves.

This practicality of flexible packaging is viewed positively by consumers, demonstrating a product that is more original to the brand, but also more convenient to use. These characteristics demonstrate the quality that the brand seeks to provide to its public, thus winning the publics preference.

Various types, according to the needs of the product

Despite being very popular packaging, many people are unaware of the possibilities for using the sachets, and the wide variety of formats and materials. Each of the different types available are specific to each product and enhance the consumer experience.

Get to know some of the types of sachets available and find the one that best suits your product and your brand proposal:
  • Sachets 3 welds
  • Sachets 4 welds
  • stick sachets
  • sachets with ziplock
  • Mini sachet (3 or 4 welds)
  • sachets with eurolock
Highlight your products

The machines needed for filling liquids and pastes, and the automation of production, are increasingly accessible to the market in general, allowing companies of all sizes to develop in the market.

Adopting the innovation of flexible packaging, such as the sachet, can be a big step towards growing production and strengthening the brand.

And the Profills Sachet Machines are ready to deliver all the benefits that sachet format packaging can provide to an innovative and differentiated product.
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+55 41 99785-1998
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