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Effective actions to raise quality and financial return

We spoke in the previous article about the importance of quality in the production process and how much it generates value to the product. Still, that the quality standard in the processes must be the north of the entrepreneur that seeks recognition and expansion.

In a competitive scenario, quality is not just a differentiator, but an obligation, especially when we look at the technologies available in Industry 4.0.

A study carried out by the National Confederation of Industry pointed out that small companies increase their productivity by up to 220% by adopting simple production measures. For example, a company that manufactures equipment for security systems achieved a 185% increase in productivity by reducing the time it took to assemble its equipment and solving problems related to the movement of employees.

Maybe youre wondering: how to effectively increase the quality standard?

Here are 7 tips for raising the quality and value of your products:

1. Apply Management in your Production

First, map the problems that threaten the processes, as well as their causes.

Having an overview of the problems helps to come up with good improvement solutions.

Another good option is to gather information about the competitions processes, checking what works and making a remix of good practices. This analysis provides us with an opportunity for insights that result in savings for the company, improvement of production processes and, above all, product quality.

2. Organize the Environment

Organizing the materials, leaving them in easily accessible places, and reformulating the layout of the work environment, if applicable, facilitates the performance of employees, reducing their movement and streamlining the process.

3. Listen to Employee Suggestions

The opinions of those who work directly with production are essential for improving processes and, consequently, quality.

Cheap and simple solutions are often presented, which will bring considerable savings to the company.

4. Listen to Customer Suggestions

As well as suggestions made by employees, feedback from customers and other business partners (suppliers, among others) is very rich in identifying possible opportunities for improving operations.

From these opinions, one can think about ways to improve quality.

5. Cultivate Good Manufacturing Practices

As in any area of ​​industry, for the manufacturing process to offer the necessary quality, respect for the parameters established in the legislation and compliance with the indications of internationally recognized entities as quality parameters (ISO 9001, for example) must be a goal constant, very clear, even for all employees.

Furthermore, maintaining quality standards saves time and resources.

6. Implement the Technology, Immediately

Customers increasingly expect innovation and increased product quality.

The level of technology employed in the industry today differentiates the promising company from the low-income company. The quality of what is produced depends on the quality of the machinery used.

Want to be big? Dont skimp on technology, this is the future.

7. Implement a Quality Policy

And, finally, it is important to implement a Quality Policy, which consists of a set of written rules that materialize the companys Culture, with the aim of coordinating the manufacture of products. With this instrument, processes that provide quality are valued.


We put here good tips to raise the quality standard of your company. The difference is felt in the results.

Remember: the competitiveness of the connected world has never demanded such a high standard of quality from production processes as is the case today. Get out front.
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