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Discover ways to prevent food waste and increase product quality

Food waste is a global challenge to be solved. According to UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) 2021 data, about 14% of all food produced is lost in the production process. Reducing this food waste, globally, could be one of the ways to combat world hunger.

In the national context, according to data from the UN for Food and Agriculture, Brazil is in the group of the 10 countries that waste the most food in the world. Waste occurs in the various sectors of the production process, with about 30% of the food produced lost along the way.

Against these problems, learn about some actions we can take to reduce food waste in the industry.

Good raw material management

Maintaining an efficient management of resources is essential to have a production process without waste. Its impact is even felt in the companys cash flow.

In some areas of production it is possible to considerably reduce the raw material used. For example, through economic packages, which rely on this reduction of raw materials in their manufacture and allow the economy of natural resources.

Equipment quality, without dosage variation

The quality of the equipment directly interferes with the final result of what is offered. Greater precision in assembly guarantees filling without variation in dosage, reducing waste.

Invest in fractional packaging

The individual packages, with a smaller dosage, lead the customer to consume only what is necessary. That is, there is a reduction in the disposal of food or any other unused products.

Increase the frequency of visits to the supermarket

One of the ways for consumers, together with entrepreneurs, to avoid food waste is to increase their frequency of visits to the supermarket. When the frequency is higher, there is a tendency to buy only products that are really needed in the short term.

That is why it is so important to offer products in smaller dosages, which make sense for the consumers daily life.

To offer new consumption habits to consumers, more sustainable habits and low product disposal, count on what cutting-edge technology has to offer in terms of innovation and packaging. Get to know the line of Profills Filling Machines and discover the best equipment for your production line!
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