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Learn about the advantages and qualities of smart packaging

The history of packaging is long. But in recent years, the greatest advances have been made, turning simple storage objects into smart packaging.

Thanks to this development, we now have a range of solutions that provide many facilities. We can mention: the technological advance in the storage of products, their display on the shelves, transportation and cost reduction.

The variety of solutions is great, mainly in terms of flexible packaging.
Flexible packaging makes the production process more efficient and the consumer experience more pleasant. We can call them smart packaging thanks to their innovative features. Know these features.


Refill packaging offers a series of benefits to the consumers daily life. They are an option for us to reduce natural resources in manufacturing, save on the price of the product and increase its yield.

Through its benefits, the refill format proves to be an intelligent option for challenges in the consumer experience and in the filling of liquids and pastes.

Packaging that conserves

It may seem simple, but the quality of food over time in storage depends on the solidity of its packaging. Intelligent packaging has solutions that guarantee the properties of the food.

The packaging materials, for example, influence the shelf life of the product. In the same sense, the quality of insulation in the filling, as well as the automation of the manufacturing process, are essential factors for shelf life.

Sustainable packaging

Materials that facilitate packaging recycling can compose an intelligent package. In our quest for increasingly sustainable packaging, waste reduction is part of an environmentally responsible product throughout its production and use process.

The reduction of raw materials in manufacturing and the use of biodegradable materials are good examples of how packaging can contribute to this effort to offer solutions that have the least impact on the environment.

Customization in product isolation

Another feature of smart packaging is its variety of ways to isolate the product. Options are available on the market, such as zippers to seal packages, dispensing nozzles in different formats, and sealing accessories.

The different types of dispenser nozzles facilitate the consumption of products for immediate use, and allow the storage of other products with a longer lifespan.

Is it worth investing in smart packaging?

Yes! In the big industry, packaging already follows the advances that technology allows us. They are packages that guarantee, more and more, the quality of what we consume. And entrepreneurs feel the improvements, making their brand more competitive in the market.

Anyway, any size of industry can - and has access - to the benefits of intelligent packaging. Just find the ideal partner to automate the production line with the best types of packaging.

Get to know the line of Profills Machines and what innovations in packaging and bottling can do for your product. They are packaging that is more convenient in the user experience, and more economical in production.

And does your company already offer the smartest in the packaging market?
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