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How to prevent?

The issue of raw material supply in industry for the production of packaging and plastic materials, especially during the 2020 pandemic and during the war in Ukraine, proved to be a major challenge throughout the production and consumption chain.

This raises a series of questions about production planning, sustainability and the development of solutions in plastic inputs.

News and innovations in the supply of raw materials

It became evident the need to think about the production chain as a whole, in all aspects that can be worked on to reduce the resources used as a prevention of the lack of raw material. Or the search for alternative resources, for example, with recycled materials.

For packaging and products made of plastic, is there a solution that helps to avoid waste and responds to the scarcity of resources? Yes, it is possible for us to make our products more sustainable, connected with customer trends and demands.

Since the industrial revolution, we have seen rapid advances in technology. A breakthrough that brought solutions both in the development of new materials, new polymers, sustainable in their origin, and in production processes, promoting efficiency with a focus on saving resources.

Solutions in recycled plastic materials

And leveraging this technological advance to make products more economical from their raw material, we have plastic as a material with advantageous characteristics for the packaging market.

These are characteristics that allow the recycling of your waste, for example, having a longer life in the industrial cycle, and easy adaptation in the production chain.

However, it is also important that innovations are accompanied by the good habits of the population, in addition to public policies that encourage the defense of sustainability. For this, some measures can be adopted, reinforcing the importance of sustainability in response to the scarcity of resources:
  • Promote awareness campaigns for waste separation;
  • Strengthening the selective collection network, as well as the collection points;
  • Valuing collectors cooperatives;
  • Incentive and supervision of reverse logistics policies in companies.
And the packages filled by Profills Machines are connected with the new ways of doing business and serving the public, presenting quality and more sustainable products. Get to know our Filling Machines and discover the best model for your product!
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