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Fractionating products into smaller packages is understood in the market as a more economical option, both in use and in manufacturing costs. They are packages divided into doses, designed for the day-to-day needs of consumers.

Fractionated packages are made of flexible materials, providing practicality for routine, allowing use on several occasions, including outside the home. It is possible, for example, to carry single-dose packs with you to work, in your purse, or in your car.

And so we highlight its multifunctional aspect, delivering the product in the right size, for the right time.

Attention-grabbing practicality

As we have already commented here on the blog, good packaging works as a showcase, the consumers first contact with a product. And because of that, they represent a decisive factor in choosing one brand over the other.

And far beyond that, packaging protects the product and contributes to its shelf life, further increasing confidence in the quality of your brand.

The practicalities that win the market

In the market, the fractionation of products is gaining more and more space, as it is an option that is little explored and more practical than usual. Learn about some advantages that make fractional packaging a promising option for brands seeking to stand out:
  • It facilitates transport, an important aspect in the industry and in the production line;
  • Allows transport, by the consumer, to different places and circumstances;
  • Packaging in the right measure, with the ideal amount for each moment;
  • With single-dose packaging, brands can offer free samples. A great option to promote the brand and its quality;
  • With a reduced volume, in the right measure, the price also drops;
  • Great value for money;
  • Contributes to the economy of the product, reducing waste;
  • Innovative solution for a market that expects news.
Fractional packages are the differential that your product line needed to stand out among the competition.

Tio João rice in bags, a successful case

A great success case, which reinforces the importance of fractional packaging, are the bags of Arroz Tio João. In the late 1960s, US warehouses switched from selling rice in bulk to 5-kilogram sealed packages. The novelty caught the attention of Necy Oliveira and, after discussing the matter with her brother Joaquim, they had the idea of ​​launching packaged rice here as well. *

Today, already consolidated in the market, the company sought solutions for the families routine, and presented its line of bags with small portions of rice, each one ready for preparation and cooking in its own packaging.

Its novelties like this, much easier to prepare food, which gain customer loyalty, and highlight the brand.

And Profills offers Machines for filling fractionated products, in high quality materials, which qualify your brand and ensure it stands out on the shelves.

Get to know the line of Profills Machines and discover the models for filling your products, consolidating your brand as a partner that understands the needs of consumers.

* Source: https://exame.com/colunistas/oportunidades-disfarcadas/tio-joao-se-chamava-tio-joaquim/
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