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Find out how coffee became one of Brazils main products for the world

Coffee has been, for a long time, a drink with Brazils flavor. And it is closely linked to our history, although we are not the biggest consumers in the world. But what are Brazils numbers in this coffee economic scenario? Who leads consumption, production and export?

Lets find out in this article all the details about one of the most consumed drinks in the world.

The beginning of coffee production in Brazil

The first records of coffee cultivation in Brazilian lands date back, more or less, to the 18th century, when the first seedlings entered French Guiana, in the north of the country. From then on, the taste for the drink spread among the population, reaching the coast and heading south. A passion for the drink was born that remains to this day.

Later, in the 19th century, there was a worldwide demand for the product, especially in European countries and the USA. At this moment, a large-scale production process begins, which would place Brazil as one of the main producers at the end of this century, more specifically the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

It was in these states that planting gained strength thanks to climate and soil conditions. Focused on the monoculture of coffee, for the most part, the large estates in Brazil sold their production along the roads towards European countries and North America.

The beginning of a new coffee culture

In the middle of the 19th century, there was a need to adapt production, previously carried out with slave labor. Since then, new solutions have emerged that could maintain growth in production and consumption.

A search for new technologies and business models begins, in places that already showed, at the time, a strong tendency towards cutting-edge industrialization. If before cultivation techniques were rudimentary, the new scenario demanded improvement, more efficient work models based on the technologies available at the time.

The industrialization that placed Brazil as the worlds largest coffee producer

Hand labor, hoes, simple tools, and animal transport gave way to up-to-date equipment, railroads, the stock market, banking, and a far more advanced business mindset. Small production was replaced by the vision of the business future.

Coffee production, as the countrys main economic activity, continued. Today, we are the largest coffee exporter in the world. Interestingly, we are not at the top of the consumer list.

Countries that consume the most coffee in the world (kg per capita/year)

Being the worlds largest producer, Brazil does not lead the list of countries that consume the drink the most. Among the biggest consumers, European countries place the continent as the main destination for global production.

Meet the largest coffee consumers in approximate per capita volume, each year:

1. Finland - 12 kg
2. Norway - 9.9 kg
3. Iceland - 9 kg
4. Denmark - 8.7 kg
5. Holland - 8.4 kg
6. Sweden - 8.2 kg
7. Switzerland - 7.9 kg
8. Belgium - 6.8 kg
9. Luxembourg - 6.5 kg
10. Canada - 6.5 kg
11. Bosnia and Herzegovina - 6.2 kg
12. Austria - 6.1 kg
13. Italy - 5.9 kg
14. Brazil - 5.8 kg

Source: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/top-10-coffee-consuming-nations.html

Largest coffee producers in the world (tons)

In the ranking of producers, we dominate the production of coffee beans, especially in states such as Bahia, Espírito Santo, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, among others. Its data to be proud of. We are leaders not only in production volume, but we are recognized for the high quality of coffee, bringing together some of the best in the world.

Discover the list of coffee producers:

1. Brazil - 2,592,000 t
2. Vietnam - 1,650,000 t
3. Colombia - 810,000 t
4. Indonesia - 660,000 t
5. Ethiopia - 384,000 t
6. Honduras - 348,000 t
7. India - 348,000 t
8. Uganda - 288,000 t
9. Mexico - 234,000 t
10. Guatemala - 204,000 t

Source: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/top-coffee-producing-countries.html

Curiosities about coffee in Brazil and in the world The coffee universe draws a legion of fans around the world. Therefore, novelties are frequent, and production and consumption figures are surprising. We thus have interesting curiosities about the traditional drink. Meet some of them: - Brazil produces ⅓ of the worlds coffee; - Minas Gerais is the state with the largest production in Brazil, with 50% of the national production; - The southeast of Brazil consumes around 45% of our production; - The coffees most consumed by Brazilians are Expresso, followed by Pingado, Café com Leite, Cappuccino and Mocha; - The US is the worlds largest coffee importer, in total numbers; - Coffee became a symbol of hospitality, prosperity and friendship in post-World War II Finland.

The future of coffee production Protagonist in coffee production for more than a century, Brazil has the perfect conditions to host trends in the grain industry. This new coffee generation seeks to add solutions from industry 4.0 technologies. These are innovations that demand digitalization of production, automation and remote monitoring. And for the consumer, there is a need to offer products of even greater quality, with practical packaging for everyday use. Digital solutions allow optimizing productivity, avoiding pests, ensuring production against climate change, reducing errors in the factory environment and waste. The result is greater competitiveness in the market, and greater emphasis on the consumer. And Profills is connected with trends, offering machines for filling coffee and powders in general. They are state-of-the-art equipment developed based on the best components on the market. Access our line of Machines and discover the best option for your company!
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