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Learn a little more about what the new 5.0 technology is for the industry

What is the new technology 5.0 for the industry?

In order to understand what the new Industry 5.0 is, it is necessary to go back a little to what the current Industry 4.0 consists of.

Industry 4.0 uses the benefits of artificial intelligence in production, with a key role in business results. Industry 5.0 technology offers ultra-fast information sharing with artificial intelligence at even greater efficiency. This new generation, for society and industry, represents the intelligent management of data, in an environment of interconnected equipment.

What is new in technology 5.0?
  • Ultra fast connection
  • Efficient information management
  • Communication and information technologies
  • Interconnection of equipment, machines, appliances and devices
  • Advanced robotics
Technologies impacted by the innovations of society 5.0

Discover some of the most developed technologies with the new technology 5.0 solutions.
  • Biotechnology
  • Robotics
  • IOT – Internet of Things
  • Autonomous equipment
  • Machine Learning
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artificial intelligence
Cost optimization

As we have seen, the new generation of technology used in industry 5.0 represents the interaction between all the advantages of automation, combined with the human factor, the man-machine relationship. And getting the best of both worlds is what will allow us to enjoy even greater efficiency in production processes, optimizing costs in general.

Environmental responsibility

Adapting the means of production to sustainability, from an environmental point of view, is one of the challenges that the industry is constantly overcoming and improving. Human beings are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and, therefore, society increasingly seeks to combine prosperity and industrial development while mitigating the effect of this impact.

And industry 5.0 brings sustainability as the great differentiator, allowing the company to have much greater efficiency, with greater production and less impact.

Customization and added value

The new technologies available and incorporated into the production process allow unprecedented customization for each sector of the industry, which is a growing demand from society. The result is an added value to the final product, which becomes even more valued.

Discover the benefits of technology 5.0 for society

Keeping up to date can make your business much more efficient, and more competitive. Find out what the new features of technology 5.0 can provide for the entrepreneur concerned with standing out in the industry.

How can my company be part of the industrys new 5.0 generation?

The innovations launched in the market are not exclusive to large companies. See what are the necessary steps to align with the most innovative sector of the world industry.
  • Invest in technology
Industry 5.0 technologies are already starting to operate with the advent of 5G, an evolution that will allow advances in technological resources and will make a total difference in the advancement of the industry.
For such advances to be possible, a constant investment in technology is necessary, in addition to the human work employed in production.

Therefore, to complement the human factor in production, based on training, guarantee the necessary investment to always keep abreast of the latest innovations in the market in technology.
  • Strengthen the trainings
We talk a lot here about the role of technology in the development of industry and life in society. But we cannot leave aside the active role of the people involved in this technological development. Therefore, following the trends, it is necessary to improve human work based on the training of its employees.

In order to maximize the beneficial effects of technology in the industry and explore the full potential of employees, their qualification and practical training with the machines and their new resources is necessary.

Profills do Brasil is always up-to-date on technology trends to bring the best solutions in Filling Machines and other equipment to our customers.

From agribusiness to cosmetics, from the production line to the factory floor, we use technology to enhance business and increase company profits. Get to know our line of Machines and prepare your company for the new society 5.0.
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