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Get to know some successful cases that bet on flexible packaging

We talk a lot here on the blog about the importance of presenting your product well to the consumer. The choice of packaging may seem simple, but it is what causes the consumers first impression at the time of purchase.

Packaging needs to be thought out not only in terms of visual appeal, but in terms of format, material, dosing nozzles, among other elements.

Big brands have already realized the need to renew their product lines with the latest in the market. Therefore, new products are launched, or remodeled in new packaging formats. The objective is almost always the same: to bring more practical solutions to the consumers routine and gain their loyalty.

Innovation cases in the products offered

Get to know some successful cases of companies that changed their packaging and caught the publics attention.

Amazon Polpas

Amazon Polpas is one of the largest producers of açaí in our North region, with a production of tons of its base product per day. Therefore, there is a need for a production line that guarantees the quality of the product while accompanying the companys production capacity.

With the flexible packaging filled by Profills Machines, it was possible to deliver a product in safe packaging to be transported around the country and also exported.

Petruz Fruity Group

Petruz is yet another company that adhered to flexible packaging to distribute its product in Brazil and to several countries. With an extensive product line, Petruz Açaí works with different types of packaging and formats. They are packages designed according to the needs of delivery and use, including sachets of all sizes, bales, stand-up pouches and pots.


Perdigão is one of the major brands of frozen products that has adopted flexible packaging. Today, it offers a wide range of products with stand-up pouch packaging in some of its items.

Through a brand modernization strategy, Perdigão introduced new packaging formats and storage solutions for some of its products. With the aim of optimizing space in the consumers freezer, the company sought practicality and emphasis on the customer in flexible plastic packaging.

SetYou Startup SetYou recently launched a new concept in fast, practical and personalized supplementation. Its new product was made possible thanks to single-dose packages, each one with the exact measure of the dose for the needs of each consumer. The new launch offers kits with 30, 60 or 90 doses in sachets, and facilitates the consumption of daily supplementation, maintaining the ideal pace for each client. Polpanorte Specialized in the production of fruit pulp, Polpanorte found in flexible plastic packaging the practicality it demanded to market its products. With larger-volume packaging, Polpanorte products combine the quality of fruit pulp and derivatives with robust packaging. In this way, it delivers ease to the consumer and quality assurance to commercial partners.

Is it worth innovating and adopting flexible packaging? Large companies have already realized the need for innovation in packaging. They are packages that offer greater convenience, with ease and economy. Its never too late to innovate and look for the most modern. Is your company ready for this increasingly competitive market?
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