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Discover models of one of the most versatile packaging on the market

Stand-up pouch packaging is here to stay. And with them, innovative solutions for the consumers day-to-day life thanks to their wealth of personalization.

Flexible packaging, in general, provides advantages over traditional rigid packaging. And the stand-up pouch packaging stands out for its variety and its more versatile format.

Discover some of these advantages, which are not restricted to consumers. Efficiency in production is also one of the characteristics of stand-up pouch formats.

Advantages for the consumer
  • Just the right dose
  • Facilitate the consumers routine
  • Weight reduction and more space for the consumer
  • Produce less waste at disposal
  • Solutions that gain consumer preference
Advantages for those who produce
  • High customization capability
  • Allow manufacturing in different formats and with different accessories (nozzles, zippers, among others)
  • Reduction in raw material required
  • Featured on the shelves for the consumer
  • Strengthen the brand image, transmitting security and consistency
  • Easy handling, storage and transport
All these advantages are aggregated in a range of options and different types of stand-up pouches. According to the product type and consumer experience, we can offer the perfect packaging. See some types of stand-up pouches and their characteristics:

Stand-up pouch with handle
The stand-up packaging with a handle is more practical for the consumer, as it can be hung up if necessary. Also, it ensures safe transportation.

Box Pouch
Produced with high quality materials in a box format, box pouch packaging maintains the properties of the product in a much more resistant structure.

Stand-up pouch with zipper
Zippered options allow you to extend the lifespan of the product. With good sealing, the packages isolate their contents well for later storage.

Packaging with spout
Focused on liquids and pastes, stand-up pouch packaging with a spout is the consumers preference for being very easy to use. Also, highlight the brand on the shelf.

Spoutless packaging
The stand-up pouch packaging without a spout facilitates handling in situations that demand practicality. It is a very present model on shelves, especially in sauces.

Shape Pouch
These are packages in custom molded formats, which can follow the design and contribute to strengthening the brand.

Stand-up pouch with perforation
An additional possibility for use with solid contents, the perforation allows you to detach a piece of packaging.

Stand-up Pouch packages are, today, one of the most versatile options for entrepreneurs looking for solutions for their product. Or else, reformulate your line.

Profills offers a complete line of Stand-up Pouch Machines to highlight the business partners product. Discover our equipment and become even more competitive in the market!
+55 41 99785-1998
+55 41 99785-1998
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