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During the World Cup, we are all passionate about Brazilian football. And despite being an event of global proportions, its organization has some characteristics that are very similar to aspects of our daily lives.

This great global sporting event teaches us many things. These are learnings that can be taken into our work and routine. Check out.


Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. And at the World Cup, high technical performance is an obsession. Always looking for the greatest precision in touch, finishing, teamwork, effectiveness in tactics, is constant work.

Therefore, the training conditions to improve the teams techniques have a direct effect on the results of the players in the competition.


One of the most interesting characteristics of the World Cup is the possibility of checking what are the innovations in the area of ​​technology.

Although it is a relatively traditional sport, football incorporates many technologies that further enhance the performance of players and the development of the competition as a whole.

This year, we had technologies for devices in training and injury recovery, for example. And we cannot fail to mention the resources to increase the accuracy of decisions in the field. The popularized - and controversial - VAR is there to prove it.

Clear goals and defined strategies

What good is a team of high technical quality without clear strategies and specific objectives for each game and each opponent? Here lies the importance of coach decisions and in defining the role of each player in order to get the best out of the team.

In addition, the attentive eye of the team leader allows mapping the points that can be improved, and defining strategies and the best paths to follow.


Teamwork is the centerpiece of sports like football. And in the World Cup, this feature is even more evident: the winner is not only the best technique, or the best player in the world, but also the greatest rapport between each person on the team, on and off the field.

And when the objectives are clear, it is even easier to understand the role that each one plays in the team, at each moment and for each type of strategy. It also facilitates good communication, allowing for greater efficiency in the teams efforts.

A respectful team

These are some interesting points that the World Cup can teach us. And finally, we want to highlight the competence of each team participating in the Cup. A team only occupies the first place on the podium, but they all deserve our respect and admiration.

And Profills do Brasil works with the same teachings that this great event brings us. Constant technical improvement, definition of strategies, use of technology, and a highly respected team are qualities that we are proud to maintain.
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