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Packaging is a fundamental part of the production and sale process of any product. And finding the one that fits your product perfectly has the power to set you apart in such a competitive market.

Theres a reason why choosing the right type of packaging is so important. With the right combination, we have an impactful, attractive product that communicates its quality and facilities to the customer.

In recent years, flexible packaging has been increasingly appearing on shelves and falling in consumer taste. There are several models and materials that make up flexible packaging. We bring here some options that, for sure, can give your product one more reason to be one of the most chosen by the consumer.

What are flexible packaging?

Flexible packages are those whose format depends on the physical form of the packaged product, offering greater practicality in peoples daily lives. Also, they are packages with an optimized volume, specially developed for the product to be packaged.

Types of material used for packaging

Flexible packaging is normally supplied in coils, films, bags or laminates. Its material can be polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, BOPP, PET, aluminum, paper, PP and LDPE.

Polypropylene, one of the main raw materials in the production of packaging, is capable of providing different styles in the entrepreneurs final product. In general, it is a material that is highly resistant to gases, steam and temperature, in addition to providing a different shine to the final product.

Metallized packaging
Metallized packaging offers high protection and resistance, preventing sunlight from acting on the characteristics of the food.

Matte packaging
Matte-looking packages are still on the rise in the market, differentiating products on the shelves and providing a pleasant texture to the touch.

Transparent Packaging
It protects the product while allowing its visualization, status and characteristics.

Laminated packaging
Laminated material packaging provides much greater protection compared to others. The reason for this is its combination of films, preventing the food from coming into contact with sunlight and the external environment.

Pearl packaging
Opaque and simpler, pearl packaging is indicated for products that require less robust storage, such as popsicles and chocolates.

Due to the variety of existing packaging, as well as the growing consumer demands for practicality and protection of the product, the entrepreneur needs to be attentive and choose the most appropriate packaging, innovating to remain in the market.


Were you in doubt about which packaging to choose for your product? Dont worry! Profills guides the process of choosing the type of packaging according to the product!
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