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Our great partners in the search for a healthier life

Fruits are great partners for those who want to achieve stronger health. And one of the challenges we face on a daily basis is to consume natural foods in a way that maintains their nutritional qualities, with a minimum of alteration.

Get to know some of the most nutritious fruits to strengthen our food routine, both for those looking for the ideal body and for those looking for quality of life.


Strawberry production in Brazil plays an important role in family farming and thus remains the largest production of the fruit in South America. According to data from Embrapa, we reached a volume of 105 thousand tons of strawberry produced.

And despite the large production, domestic consumption alone accounts for more than 90% of the total produced. There is no shortage of benefits to being such a popular fruit. Rich in vitamin C, strawberry assists in strengthening the immune system, skin health, contributing to collagen production. Also, because it is high in fiber and protein, strawberries help to produce a feeling of satiety.


The orange is the face of Brazil. One of the most traditional and consumed fruits, the orange is rich in vitamin C, being a great ally of the immune system. Also famous for its anti-inflammatory effects, this fruit provides a good level of beta-carotene, fiber and a power to combat bad cholesterol.


Acai is one of our jewels. With its important role in the socioeconomic development of the North region, açaí is considered a superfruit that conquers the taste of a large part of the Brazilian consumer market, and the world.

Its nutritional properties are rich, containing a high concentration of antioxidants and fiber. In addition, it is a strong ally in the fight against premature aging and bad cholesterol.

Brazil among the largest fruit producers in the world

In 2020, Brazil was the third largest fruit producer in the world, with a total of 58 million tons. A very high volume that corresponds to 5.4% of global production.

Our country has one of the best environments for planting. Thats why we are one of the worlds major food production and distribution centers.

According to data from the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil - CNA, the Southeast region was responsible for the production of more than 40% of all vegetable production in Brazil, followed by the Northeast, South, North and Midwest regions.

The biggest fruit and vegetable producers in Brazil
1st - Southeast - 40.87%
2nd - Northeast - 21.58%
3rd - South - 17.33%
4th - North - 14.46%
5th - Midwest - 5.76%

The three largest fruit producers in the world
1st - China - 28.1%
2nd - India - 11.5%
3rd - Brazil - 5.4%

Ways to maintain the nutritional properties of fruits

Now lets see some ways to store and consume fruits without compromising their quality, nutritional properties, or flavor.

The use of fruits in the form of pulp allows them to be stored for a longer period, maintaining their nutritional properties, and prepares them for numerous forms of use in recipes or in natura, such as: smoothies, ice cream and juices from the pulp .

And to guarantee the quality of the fruit, from planting to reaching the consumers table, a production process of high technical qualification is required. Technology, automation and speed are the secret to offering the world pulp and products based on Brazilian fruits.

Offer the best. Get to know the line of Profills Machines and discover the best options for filling your fruit-based product!

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