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And what have we learned in the industry

The year 2022 had many challenges. The year we returned to ‘normal’ post-pandemic functioning. And many changes are here to stay, changes for the better.

Issues such as efficiency in industry and new solutions in the production chain are just some of the points that have gained prominence in societys relations.

Get to know the main subjects of this year that we spent, and that can give us direction for the coming years.


We are returning to normal with consumption and industry and market work. And profit, throughout the pandemic, was put to the test, demanding greater efficiency in operations.

The logistics sector, with freight prices, was not left out of this challenge, requiring work to review the impacts on production. For the entire food industry, some effects are still felt today, in a market that continues to warm up to normal standards.

Considering the inherent operating costs, it is even more urgent to adopt measures to strengthen efficiency in the industry.

Energy crisis

As an effect of the post-pandemic, we had the growing global demand and consumption, resulting from the resumption of societys activities.

With supply chains in full growth, comes inflation in 2021, reinforced in this 2022 especially in the G20 countries, thus raising production costs.

And as a contributing factor to the spread of global inflation, the war between Ukraine and Russia ended up generating the energy crisis in Europe, further impacting world production, which is increasingly globalized.

Ukraine vs Russia

The great event we had in 2022 was, without a doubt, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Since the Cold War without a major military crisis, the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 brought diplomatic and economic challenges not only to the countries surrounding the conflict, but in all corners of the world.

Effects such as a migratory flow that has not been seen for decades, from Ukraine to the other European countries, market disputes in retaliation against Russia, the fear that the limits of the war will spread beyond the Ukrainian territory, and a strong confusion in the chain production and global distribution.

These are some of the issues that the war has brought us, and that global leaders have and will have the challenge of resolving in the coming years.

Records in the climate crisis in 2022

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in Europe alone, about 15,000 deaths were caused by extreme European heat.

This is just one of the data that shows us the effect of climate change in 2022, an especially worrying year in the year-by-year monitoring of climate changes.

We had heat records in China, in African countries, and in the European summer. Drought, combined with fires, are a consequence.

Globalization, products prepared for all markets

In this past year, we have seen the importance of strengthening the production and consumption chain at a global level, with the exchange of products and expansion of markets. The global economy has ensured that different countries have cooperatively restarted their economies.

And to become stronger worldwide, even meeting a smaller external demand, some practices proved to be even more necessary. Check in the next topic.

Good negotiation with suppliers and partners

One of the practices is good negotiation between the producer and the foreign buyer. An advantageous negotiation ensures profit for both sides, and strengthens ties in new markets.

And in this sense, care with contracts is essential to ensure good business.

Business strategies have also proven to be a guarantee against unforeseen circumstances (such as in times of a pandemic). With good strategies, the security of the companys business will be guaranteed.

The certifications that confirm the quality of our national industry

One of the most important points, which proved to be indispensable this past year, are the national and international production and quality certifications.

The certifications provide the international market with confidence in the quality of the product, its integrity and the guarantee that it follows the highest production standards.

Packaging aligned with demands

The power of innovations in packaging has confirmed its priority for consumers, who are looking for novelties that meet their needs in terms of sustainability, economy, practicality, among others.


As in every year, 2022 was a time to realign the industry, and to reinforce the strengths that make our national industry one of the most important in the world.

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