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The best ways to strengthen the company for the coming years

Another year that passes, and which leaves us with tips on the paths that the industry should follow in this year of 2023. Still in the wake of the post-pandemic and with new global challenges, 2022 put to the test the more traditional business models and the products that the market has been making available.

Get to know some of the trends that, if they were already gaining space before, in 2023 will be the line between the obsolete and the brand connected with the news.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins are 3D digital models of parts used in industry. Because they are identical models to physical materials, digital twins allow simulating the use of real equipment, and can be used in different circumstances, such as maintenance.

For testing activities on industrial machines, for example, digital twins use data, systems, simulate operations with real information, allowing performance tests, or various simulations.

New tools based on digital twins are a result of industry 4.0 advances. So this is the trend: an increasingly extensive representation of the real world to the virtual world, and what we can do to its full potential.

Cyber ​​Security

Thanks to the new technologies of Industry 4.0, the equipment and systems used by the industry are increasingly connected. And, therefore, the ever-increasing need for cybersecurity, ensuring the functioning of systems, business integrity and the security of sensitive information.

If before the industrys concern was based on mechanical aspects, today attention is focused on digital. Through risk and threat monitoring, and state-of-the-art encryption, the production line is safe and ready to adapt to the new technological reality of the industry.

Internet of Things - IoT

IoT helps factory performance by automating production processes and improving the bottom line. But technology has the capacity to go further and can even help the industry to transform all business models.

The product approach (which deals with identifying whether the item meets the customers needs), the supply chain approach (which works with a focus on the buyer) and the manufacturing approach itself (which performs processes in accordance with the quality policy ) can become more productive and take the company to higher levels. The industry has never been so allied with technology.

Remote Service

Still in the wake of the potential that the internet of things has in connecting sectors and equipment, customer service is on the way to becoming increasingly easier, digital.

With much faster and more integrated connections, remote service can range from meetings or process monitoring to digital twin simulations, reducing the need for face-to-face technical visits that make the development of activities more expensive.

And following the biggest trends in technology and best practices in the industry, Profills do Brasil offers the latest to our partners, so that they stand out in the market. Access our line of Filling Machines and learn about our solutions!
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