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Know the most important aspects for your product in the packaging market

Is your product ready for another year in the competitive market?

The packaging used in the food industry has undergone a major change. These are changes caused by societys demands in relation to production processes.

And some questions about the products we consume have gained relevance. The search for more quality of life, well-being and sustainability, for example. Consumers expect companies to engage in this regard.

Thats why we bring here some packaging trends for 2022. They are trends, many of them already in development, and some for the near future.

Creativity in creation

Calling the consumers attention through the packaging is something very important, and requires creativity. Creativity in packaging is something that is often discussed in companies. Knowing how to use colors, formats and materials are important aspects that, when well thought out, result in a product that demonstrates more quality.

Be clear on product information

The information on the product packaging is essential to communicate, in a few seconds, the most relevant data, as well as to attract the consumers attention. In addition, much of this information is required by law; so, you need to pay close attention to this item.

Fractional packaging, single or reduced portions

One of the trends that has been gaining supporters is fractional packaging. These are packages with a calculated volume of the product, making it cheaper and encouraging more conscious consumption.

Increasingly, consumers are understanding that large packaging generates product waste and that fractional consumption is better, both for the consumer and for the environment.

Fractionated packages are made of flexible materials, joining the packaging options that offer practicality in everyday life. In addition to this practicality in use, they allow for easy storage and transportation.

Environmental responsibility in the eyes of the consumer

One of the biggest recent demands of the consumer market on the industry is in relation to the environmental responsibility of its production. And for the production processes to be improved, the initiative of entrepreneurs is necessary so that these demands of society are met.

A good part of the business community today has already realized the need to make their production more sustainable. Technology and good production practices, for example, make it possible to increasingly reduce the impact of business on the environment.

More responsible companies, in general, have an intelligent waste management; use technology to reverse the pollution of production processes; have environmental responsibility certifications; seek energy sources with less impact; among other guidelines.

Keeping an eye on packaging: ensure greater competitiveness for your company

All these trends are aspects expected by society. That is, there is an expectation that the industry will update itself and provide new packaging solutions to the consumer: practical, creative, sustainable.

Being aware of consumer demands highlights the brand in the market, making the company a synonym for innovation and awareness of its role in society. And Profills is proud to offer the best solutions to businessmen who are concerned about their image and who seek greater competitiveness. Get to know our Filling Machines and discover the best equipment for your production line!
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