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Everything you need to know about this innovative packaging

Do you already know the different types of sachet packaging available? Products in sachets are already consolidated in the market, demonstrating their advantages and winning the taste of the public.

Despite this familiarity, few realize the wide variety of sachets that fit each consumers experience of use. Get to know some types of sachets now, and understand which ones are in line with your product and your brand proposal.

Sachets 3 welds

The three-weld sachets guarantee high quality in a resistant packaging, yet allowing filling in small portions. They can be used in the packaging of granules, whey protein, baking powder, food supplements, among other liquid, paste or powder products.

Sachets 4 welds

Solutions in sachets in innovative 4-seal packages represent greater quality for your liquid and pasty products, and stand out on market shelves!

Mini sachet (3 or 4 welds)

Mini sachets are suitable for products used in very small quantities, such as sauces and seasonings, or free samples. Because they only offer the ideal volume for use at the time, the mini sachets keep all the rest of the product from the other doses preserved.

Sachets with eurolock

The sachet packaging with eurolock allows offering differentiated ways of consuming the product, resulting in greater practicality. Big brands have already joined eurolock options to highlight new product lines.

Advantages in costs and profitability of the company

The sachets bring a series of facilities to the consumer who uses them on a daily basis. And more than that, they mean competitive advantages to the entrepreneur who seeks to make his production line more efficient.

Sachets are much cheaper packaging than options traditionally used in some market segments, such as glass packaging. And as this packaging makes it possible to divide the product into smaller portions, it becomes more attractive to a consumer public that aims to optimize costs at the time of purchase.

Therefore, production and filling based on sachet format packaging reflect on the companys accounts, adding value to the product and reaching a diverse audience.

Get to know some benefits for those who produce, and for the consolidation of your brand.


Some aspects of sachet packaging make it much more attractive at the time of purchase. With a wide area of ​​personalization, it is possible to transmit the brands personality very well in each package, at the same time that it has greater prominence on the shelves.

And to complement this perception, the practicality of the packaging is positively received by the consumer. Originality and practicality demonstrate the quality that the brand seeks to provide to its public and, therefore, wins their preference.

Storage and transportation

Because they have a flat and more practical format, the sachets facilitate the transport and storage stage, and can be easily stacked and occupy less physical space.

More hygienic packaging and conscious consumption

By presenting doses in a more optimized volume, the sachet packages allow for greater hygiene in the use of the products. Sachet ketchup is a good example of a product that has dominated the market thanks to much greater economics and consumer experience.

In reduced portions and flexible material, the sachets induce the use of all its content, making this one of the most economical options on the market. Thus, we make consumption even more conscious, reducing waste.

Discover what flexible packaging can do to improve your business. The company, the consumer and the environment thank you.

And for the businessman who wants to improve his production line, get to know the line of Profills Sachet Machines now!
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